Executive Board

Meet the Founder
Adithi Raghavan

Adithi Raghavan founded BEEducated at the age of 16, after creating an app for bees with her friend. Since then, she has worked with various schools and institutions to raise awareness about the pollinator crisis. As a Presidential Scholar at the University of Washington, she is passionate about sustaining a green environment for the future through technological advancements.


Her hope is to work with youth to instill a positive impact in the sector of pollinator health across her state and beyond. 

Meet the Team


BEEducated is a youth-driven organization combating the harmful environmental and economic impacts of Colony Collapse Disorder on the global bee population. Our efforts are focused on raising awareness about the pollinator crisis through our app, research, and outreach. Unfortunately, the bee population has declined by over 3.5 million since 1947. Our mission is to empower youth to work with their communities to help bees thrive once again. 



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