Cassandra Houghton // Sustainability Amabssadors

Cassandra Houghton is a highly driven student leader working towards a sustainable community through positive peer pressure, impressive public speaking and personal learning. As the Student Leadership Coordinator at the Sustainability Ambassadors Organization, she is focused on expanding and coordinating the Ambassadors leadership program.


Cassandra is a 2013 graduate of Tahoma High School and a 2017 graduate of The Evergreen State College where she studied Ecology and Sustainable Systems. She loves hiking, dancing, yoga, juggling and gardening.


BEEducated is a youth-driven organization combating the harmful environmental and economic impacts of Colony Collapse Disorder on the global bee population. Our efforts are focused on raising awareness about the pollinator crisis through our app, research, and outreach. Unfortunately, the bee population has declined by over 3.5 million since 1947. Our mission is to empower youth to work with their communities to help bees thrive once again. 



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