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Who We Are

We are a group of college, high school, and middle school students from Western Washington who are passionate about the environment and saving the rapidly declining bee population. Growing up, our founder, Adithi, would make homemade terrariums out of old spinach boxes. One day, Adithi left the box with the soil and moss she had filled it with outside in the backyard overnight. When she returned, she was amazed to see how many new critters had inhabited her makeshift home. Since then, Adithi has always striven to make her environment a home for some of its most threatened residents: bees. Through BEEducated, Adithi is working with her community to make the world a safe-haven for her beloved pollinators. 


We began our journey by planting a sustainable pollinator garden at Ebright Park with Washington Native Plant Stewards. From there, we created a launch kit with a list of steps and resources that would help other schools plant pollinator gardens at their own schools. 


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