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Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

Encourage others to participate in the challenge and sign up!

Support pollinator friendly businesses!

Plant sustainably!


Pacific NW Bumblebee Atlas

Interested in tracking the pollinator population?


By becoming a volunteer, you can aid researchers in collecting quality data on the distribution of bees. 

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BEEducated App

Become a Bee City

Learn more about bees with our app BEEducated. It features a quiz, map, and game function. 

UPDATE: As of August, 2020 the app has been taken down for updates/maintenance. We will update this page when it is back up. 

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"The Bee City USA program endorses a set of commitments, defined in a resolution, for creating sustainable habitats for pollinators, which are vital to feeding the planet.

​Incorporated cities, towns, counties and communities across America are invited to make these commitments and become certified as a Bee City USA affiliate."

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