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Our Mission

Despite what you might think, bees do much more than provide us with honey. They are pollinators, basically making them the backbone of our US agricultural system. Because of the way farmers treat their crops with dangerous pesticides, the bee population decreases by up to 30% every year. In addition to the careless use of chemicals, climate change is taking a toll on our pollinators. Habitats are being destroyed as the temperature rises.


Without bees, we wouldn’t have access to a third of our food supply. Honey, apples, peppers, almonds, and so many more products would disappear. 


The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge is a campaign that encourages people to make their garden or backyard pollinator-friendly. All you have to do is create an area with necessities such as food, water, and places for pollinators to raise their young. Once you’re done, you can have your garden approved as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. The bees are dying, and we need help from motivated people like you to get them back on track.

Planting a Pollinator Garden at Ebright Park in Sammamish

We certified it as a Million Pollinator Garden!
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